Baby laundry washing is a very important capital in the care of newborns and this because there is a serious chance of being infected or sickened by microbes that are almost everywhere.It is therefore remarkable that infants still have a constantly growing immune system, which makes them vulnerable even to the new babysuit!

The first step that we need to do is to wash the baby clothing-dowry before their first use / test.

TIPS for the right washing of baby clothes:

-Travel the laundry instructions of manufacturers

-Select Detergent / Washing Soap without chemical additives made specifically for babies.

- Hold infant clothes separately from the rest of the family, thus preventing the transport of bacteria from the rest of the clothes to the nursery.

-Select for high temperatures, so many microbes do not survive

.- Treating the drying of baby clothes to be either in the sun, or in a clean heated area.